June 2004 marked the inception of Chambersburg, PA's The Shackeltons.

In Mark Redding's Main Street loft (circa 1889) met Eric Fisak (guitar), Dan Schuchman (guitar), Josh McDaniel (bass), Jonathan Slick (drums) and Mark (vocals). Two months later with just 8 songs under their belts, the band started playing out.

After playing a few local outings at obscure and random places, the Shackeltons discovered their voice. The band recorded their debut EP at a local church with Mike Mateer (DC) recording with his pro tools mobile studio. 9 hours of recording launched this 5 song EP and the band found themselves playing the basement of NYC's Knitting Factory.

There they met Skeletonbreath (Brooklyn- violin, bass, drum instrumental band) and soon Skeletonbreath and the Shackeltons were playing shows together at a Chambersburg Homeless Shelter warehouse. The shows featured some great young bands and it was the only scene the town had in years.

March 2005: the Shackeltons played their first radio broadcast on 103.7 the Revolution (Chambersburg). The band blazed through 9 songs and used 6 for their 2nd release.

October was back to the church to record a full length with Mike Mateer. The "Red" CD was 10 songs and the song "Yellow Cadillac" garnered a fine compliment from Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie. Shortly after the recording, drummer Slick and bassist McDaniel left the band for college studies. Slick was replaced by 14 yr old Sean Hallock, while McDaniel handed his duties to his younger brother, Justin (age 16).

December 2005 found the band recording a live show in Pittsburgh, PA. February 2006 Mark made a call to the manager of Ambulance, LTD, Veronica Gretton, and she thought the Shackeltons music was possible "brilliance" after hearing the song "Emergency".

May of 2006 began a run of the Shackeltons playing shows in NYC for record label types. The only label that Mark can remember actually being at the shows was XL records. They felt it wasnt time for them to work with the Shacks.

June 2006: the band found out from a fan in Atlanta (via a Myspace message) that KEXP (Seattle) was playing "Your Movement" from the Red CD.

August 2006 brought the Shackeltons back to record with Mike Mateer. The new line up created the "Creme EP" and soon found themselve playing live on KEXP at 10am on a Friday morning, early November for a NYC CMJ broadcast (a day the Shins, Archie Bronson Outfit, and White Whale would also play).

That performance was hailed by Kevin Cole, John Richards, and Cheryl Waters from KEXP. Later that night the Shackeltons played at Sin-e (NYC) for their first live show that was attended by the KEXP staff and a fire was started in the heart of NYC and Seattle. This lead to Loveless Records (Seattle) offering the band a record deal.

March 2007 found the Shackeltons playing at Neumos in Seattle in front of nearly 1,000 exited fans. A day later the band was on a plane to Los Angeles to record in Echo Park with Sam Jones (the Wilco Documentary) and Tom Biller (Silversun Pickups, Sean Lennon, Karen O).

October found the band on the "Live on KEXP: Vol 3" CD with the Shins, Peter Bjorn and John, Grizzly Bear, Frank Black, Hot Chip, etc... November the band was a Myspace feature band and averaged 15,000 plays a day that week.

Dec 4th the Shackeltons were Spin Magazine's featured artist of the day. Dec 11th Rolling Stone Magazine's Daily Rock Blog gave a glowing review of the Loveless records CD (street date: Jan 29th, 2008)