What is tube bending machinery?

Once a pipe or tube has been fabricated, post-fabrication treatments are required for the tube to be formed into a usable product.

Tube bending is one of the most commonly used post-fabrication processes and can be performed manually or by the use of tube bending machinery, using either cold or hot forming methods.

Tube bending machinery is used to create tubes for use in the aerospace, agricultural, medical, electrical, automotive, and construction industries.

There are various types of tube bending machines.

Bending tools

Automated, computer-controlled tube bending machinery is used in the process of shaping pipes and tubes. However, tooling is also used.

Where tooling is used in the tube bending process, the setup of the chosen tool is crucial as tooling costs can be expensive, and errors are costly.

Ram bending

Ram bending is a traditional and cost-effective tube bending method that’s still used today.

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