How is Reviews a Marketing tool? (look-up review marketing)

Company reviews play an important role in a company and should not be ignored. It doesn’t matter if you are a large or small corporation, online reviews can’t be escaped. Nowadays, consumers are leaving reviews all over the internet, whether it’s on Facebook, Google, Amazon, or Yelp. Companies that value their reputation ought to value the reviews because they can be a great marketing tool.

Nowadays, customers research companies before they commit to purchasing any products from them. With a click of a button, a customer can research a company, its products, and the quality of services. Research has shown online reviews play an important role in convincing a customer on whether to buy from a particular corporation.

According to research, over 91% of consumers go online to read reviews regularly. Another 90% read companies’ reviews online before the purchase from them. Seven days after reading reviews, 89% of these consumers will purchase or not from local or international stores. Still not convinced about the importance of reviews? Well, 88% of consumers say they take online reviews seriously as they would personal recommendations. Businesses that receive excellent customer reviews have seen a 31% increase in what consumers spend in the stores.

The stats above tell you everything you need to know about the importance of reviews as a sales tool. Consumers who go online to read reviews have already decided on what they want to purchase. Their purpose in reading online reviews is just to help them decide, where or whom they will spend their money. A consumer can read, up to ten different reviews, to determine whether to purchase from that company. 

Whether you develop your own reviews collection tool or use professional digital marketing tools like Reviews International, one thing is clear, maintaining your companies online reputation should be your top priority. Companies need to have a long term strategy on how they gain reviews. Most consumers will look at the most recent reviews left by other customers, mainly within a month. Anything beyond that is irrelevant. 

Remember, just like any other digital marketing tool, online reviews need constant attention, upkeep, and strategic planning. Research recommends the use of professional digital marketing tools to ensure your business concentrates on its core mandate, offering consumer high-quality products and services. More companies are encouraging consumers to leave reviews about their products and services. Some offer rewards to their consumers as a way of encouraging them to contribute reviews that can be used to better the companies services and products.